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I read an article today about social bookmarking which is quite funny.  It tells you that if posting a blog of your life journal does you good, not everyone on Digg needs to read them, it would be overkill.

This blog is for me to share my favorite illustrators and my sketchbook with my SCBWI group.  I am still trying to find ways to make it interesting.  For now it will be a way for me to share my knowledge about illustrating for children and how other Children’s book authors and illustrators influenced me in my own art works.

Social Media is a great way to promote your site as a Children’s Book Author or Illustrator.  I go on daily to see websites on writing, illustrating, and other subjects I’m interested in.

The “5 daily social media builder in less than 10 minutes” is a good place to start.  Here’s another List. Why do we need social media? well…the reason for this is getting to the top of google search is not enough if people don’t know your name.  The young people of today, the Digital Natives, go on social media websites daily to find out what is going on in the world.  “A digital native is essentially anyone who was born and raised in a household where there was always a computer” (quote from Six Pixels of separation).  In “9 Ways to reach Digital Natives“, Ann Handley talked about her 11 year old daughter “writing the latest post on a new blog she co-writes with her friend…They produce the 10-minute video “shows” each Sunday afternoon using my Flip video camera, and they update the “behind the scenes” in text posts throughout the week. They alert their fans about new episodes via email”

photo by Mr. Biggs

photo by Mr. Biggs

You may think, as Children’s book writers and illustrators, this doesn’t apply to us.  I mean, afterall, we are trying to market ourselves to editors, art directors, and the parents.  Kids are not the ones spending money on children’s books.  But you must know the new editors and art directors that are coming into the industry are Digital Natives.  The sons and daughters of the senior editors and art directors of big publishing firms will tell their parents about the web sites that interest them.

If you think your blog or website is interesting to the public, you should put a social media icon (such as “Stumbleupon”) on your website so if a reader come across your website and likes it, he or she can promote it for you by simply clicking on the button and comment on it and all their friends will be notified too.


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